My Process

It’s important to me that my clients have printed pieces of the artwork that they love. I have dedicated the past year to buying and comparing products from the most incredible custom print labs in the country. I have curated a range of products sourced from several professional photolabs that I stand behind because I know they offer amazing quality, durability, and value. These products bring to life the art that I put into your photography.

My clients beam when they see large art feature on their wall or turn the pages of a breathtaking album capturing the most important people, events, and relationships in their lives. For all these reasons and more, I work closely with my clients before I ever bring out my camera to make sure the entire process is geared towards creating the art they want to keep for decades.

I work closely with my clients before I ever bring out my camera to make sure the entire process is geared towards creating the art you want to keep for decades.

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Initial Consultation

When you reach out to me for a photography session around Charlottesville, the first thing you’ll hear me ask is if you can join me for a quick thirty-minute consultation so that I can understand your vision for your photography shoot.

Whether we meet for coffee, schedule time in your home or mine, or simply have a phone call, I’ll spend these first few minutes with you learning about your story, your values, and the moments you hope to capture together.

I’ll show you custom artwork that I’ve made for clients in the past as well as discuss how the images we create will be displayed in your home, and we’ll walk through the range of bespoke products I offer like albums, framed prints, and wall art.

All of these fun facts about who you are and how you want your images displayed will help me design your shoot to be easy, fun, and successful.

Your Shoot

My shoots are fun and fast–they are usually completed in about 45 minutes. My shooting style is candid, organic, and art-forward. I do occasionally do suggest poses or general outlines for portraiture, but I am primarily focused on evoking true emotions from you.

You may hear me ask, “Whisper why you love your fiancé in their ear,” or “Tell your mom your favorite thing about her.” I have found that simple questions can evoke wonderful, authentic expressions and capture moments that reflect your true character.

In-Person Reveal

For your In-Person Reveal, we’ll spend about an hour together viewing your beautiful images and deciding which prints, canvases, and albums fit your needs and budget. The amount you choose to invest is completely up to you; you only buy what you love! Most clients choose collections of artwork costing between $1,000 and $5,000 to display and enjoy in their home, but my products begin at a $400 price point.

Over and over, I have had clients tell me that they enjoy the image reveals as much or more than their shoot! My clients laugh, softly murmur, say “Wow,” and hold hands as they see the finished photos. Some of my clients even cry when they see how lovingly their partner looks at them or when they see some new beautiful aspect of themselves, their partner, or their relationship.

I work hard to ensure that from start to finish, you will be comfortable and excited about your photography experience. These images are your legacy and will become some of your dearest keepsakes in the years to come.

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